27 - 28 November, 2018
Sofitel Singapore City Centre, Singapore

Wing Commander Dean Bolton

Executive Officer, 86th Wing, Air Mobility Group
Royal Australian Air Force

11:10 AM Delivering Strategic and Tactical Mission Objectives through the C-17A and C-130J Platforms: Lessons Learnt from Missions in Afghanistan and SAR Operations

•Understanding how the Air Mobility Group in the RAAF has utilized both the C-17A and C-130J aircraft to successfully execute strategic and tactical airlift operations
•Configuring the C-17A to allow the RAAF to flexibly deploy troops, heavy equipment, combat vehicles and supplies all over the world 
•Lessons learnt so far from disaster relief and humanitarian operations- How has the C-17A and C-130J performed against mission requirements?
•Analysing current and future upgrade and procurement plans to meet evolving mission requirements

1:40 PM Interactive Discussion Groups

3 Rotations @ 40 Minutes each.

During this part of the conference, delegates will get the opportunity to participate in 3 topics of their choice. Discussion groups are deliberately kept small to ensure that all delegates get the opportunity to ask their most pressing questions, thereby guaranteeing a perfectly tailored experience.

Roundtable A: Multi-Role Capabilities Platform: Can You Do More with Less?

Roundtable B: Best Practices in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations

Roundtable C: Can Maritime Patrol and Airlift Operations Go Hand-in-Hand?

10:00 AM Panel Discussion: Bridging the Gap Between Airlift Requirements and Air Mobility Roles in APAC

•What are the biggest drivers and operational requirements for Air Forces in APAC?
•How do Air Forces prioritise between strategic and tactical requirements and operations?
•Is there a one-size fit all platforms that can meet all requirements?
•Can Air Mobility functions take on multi-mission roles including ISR and surveillance?

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